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SPECIALTY AREAS: Bully Prevention , Instructional Technology & Integration , Keynote Speaker , Mentoring Digital Kids , Project/Problem-based Learning , Social Learning Networks
TEAM: Professional Learning

Kevin grew up in poverty and attended school in many cities across the United States. Through this experience, he collected powerful experiences that still influence his conversations and his work with educators. He spent 13 years teaching K-12 art in public school and for 17 years spent summers leading creative adventure camps for kids of all ages. In 1991, he received the Making IT Happen Award, a program identifing and rewarding educational technology leaders around the world for their commitment and innovation.

Kevin came to ESSDACK as a Technology Integration Specialist in 2003. At ESSDACK, he researches and designs programs, training, and staff development with a strong passion for helping teachers and learners become successful with educational uses of technology.

He shares his thinking and learning on his blog Tradigital Learning and in his podcast Driving Questions in Education. He is a school board member in the town of Inman, Kansas and he feels that one of his most important roles is to help vision what the future holds for learners and to help move schools in right, new directions. During his classroom tenure, he developed project-based approaches to learning that infused technology and problem solving skills. He created a film program for kids and developed it into a fully functioning curriculum at the high school level. He co-developed a PBL approach called the Life Practice Model with colleague Ginger Lewman and provides training and certification in this powerful, student driven approach to learning.

Kevin has developed online safety, anti-bullying and cyber-bullying curriculum which he shares with parents, teachers and students around the country. He certifies instructors in this curriculum and supports trainers as they go out and do this important work. His recent book, Don't Stay Under The Couch: Starbuck and The Bully, is the centerpiece of his PreK-6 curriculum. He continues to work with schools to develop innovative, engaging curriculum to better prepare learners for the world they will face when they graduate. He is passionate about meeting the needs of at-risk learners and works with kids in juvenile detention, developing approaches to re-engage the "lost" learner. Kevin travels the country and the world speaking at conferences and working with educators at the grassroots level and likes to promote a "tradigital" approach to education.

From inspirational speeches to sharply targeted messages about leveraging technology to prepare learners for the future, Kevin can kick your conference off with a bang and leave people talking and ready to think. 

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