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SPECIALTY AREAS: Apple Hardware and Software , Blackboard Support , Instructional Technology & Integration , Keynote Speaker , Mobile Devices , Social Studies
TEAM: Professional Learning

I have an intense belief in the power that educators have as agents of change in the world. We have the ability to literally change the future through our interactions with kids. So everything I do is focused on finding ways to develop skills that support success in learners – inquiry, problem solving, risk taking, literacy.  My hope is that after our time together, teachers and administrators walk away excited about the learning process, with ready-to-use strategies and resources that prepare students for their future.

Short Bio

Glenn’s educational career began at Derby Middle School, finding ways to help thirteen year olds enjoy American History. Wiebe earned his Masters in American History in 1995 and continued developing innovative practices and sharing them with his students. He spent five years working in higher education, designing effective instruction and integrating video games into social science classrooms. Glenn now travels across the country as an ESSDACK education consultant providing keynotes, presentations, and curriculum development.

Long Bio

glenn wiebe-small3Glenn’s love for social studies was kindled in elementary school when he fell in love with his first National Geographic map. Even at a young age, Glenn was beginning to understand what Robert Louis Stevenson meant when he described his treasure map as having the "power of infinite, eloquent suggestion.” Wiebe’s passion for history and the social studies continued to grow and is now expressed in sharing that passion with others.

Wiebe writes almost daily at History Tech, a 2014 Edublog finalist and maintains Social Studies Central, a repository of resources targeted at K-12 educators cited in national professional journals. He has published articles for the National Social Studies Supervisors Association journal, the website Teaching History, and has authored numerous discipline specific curricula. Wiebe acted as co-chair for the 2013 Kansas social standards writing and assessment committee and is president of the Kansas Council for the Social Studies.

glenn wiebe smallAs the director of two US Department of Education Teaching American History grants, Wiebe introduced the use of mobile learning technology to middle and high school teachers. He is currently working with the Center for Children and Technology to help rollout their Zoom In online software and piloted a variety of video games and simulations. Glenn travels frequently to assist schools as they integrate Apple and Google products.

He believes that learning "should be more than cute and engaging activities. Our task is simple – preparing kids to think critically and to have skills needed to be effective citizens.” His focus will always be on providing practical ideas coupled with research that teachers and administrators can use to improve the learning process. His C4 Framework â€“ Collect, Collaborate, Create, and Communicate – provides a structure for all of Glenn’s workshops and presentations.

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